ORANGE NATURALS Burn Relief Cream (50 gr)

ORANGE NATURALS Burn Relief Cream (50 gr)

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  • Alleviates redness
  • Natural antiseptic properties
  • Helps soothe sensations of pain, burning, pricking, stinging and inflammation
  • Topical homeopathic cream that helps to relieve the pain of minor burns, scalds or sunburns
  • All natural first aid cream with soothing medicinal ingredients
  • Description

    ORANGE NATURALS - - 50 Gram(s) - NPN: 80055407 -- Weve all done it touched the side of the oven with our arm while removing those delicious cookies, fallen asleep in the sun, singed our fingertips with a match or stepped into a bath that was too hot. The pain from minor burns, scalds or sunburns can cause heat, redness, throbbing, burning or stinging. Orange Naturals Burn Relief homeopathic cream aims to soothe and relieve the results of our errors in judgement and bring relief to the discomfort of these minor injuries to our delicate skin.

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • Belladonna3 X
    • Hamamelis Virginiana< 1 MT
    • Plantago major1 X
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Beeswax
    • Carbomer
    • Cetearyl Alcohol
    • d-alpha tocopherol
    • Glycerin
    • Medium chain triglycerides
    • Potassium Hydroxide
    • Purified water
    • Shea Butter
    • Sodium citrate
    • Sodium Lactate