LIVA Raw Date Sugar Sachets  (10 x 30 count)

LIVA Raw Date Sugar Sachets (10 x 30 count)

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LIVA raw organic date sugar contains only dehydrated, ground Deglet Noor dates and all of the whole food goodness they contain. For your favorite beverages use the convenient sachets or choose the 400 g canister or 1 KG baking pack to ensure you have LIVA on hand for all of your sweetening and baking needs. And, only LIVA offers a fully dissolvable date sugar making it the ideal substitute for traditional sweeteners. LIVA swaps for refined sugar at a 1:1 ratio and is delicious, nutritious and convenient. *USDA Organic *No Artificial Flavors*Non-GMO*Vegan*Gluten Free We created LIVA out of a personal desire to reconnect with the sweet moments in life with family and friends. We also know there are so many people who are seeking healthy, organic, whole food alternatives. Our approach at LIVA is as simple as our products. LIVA date sugar contains only two ingredients whole, ground dehydrated dates and love. In fact all of our products are created on this foundation of goodness and thats why we think lifes a little sweeter with LIVA. We hope you will as well!